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The way your community is designed and the process used to do it will have a great impact on your community for many years to come.  These sessions talk about how to do it well, things to consider and mistakes best avoided. 

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Acoustics in a Common House
WebChat #15
Grace Kim

Acoustics for your common house will be essential to supporting good conversation. Learn the basics and avoid common mistakes.

Cohousing Design: If it doesn’t work socially, why bother?
WebChat #24
Chuck Durrett

If it doesn’t work socially, Why bother? Cohousing Architect Chuck Durrett shares about the design process that creates spaces that work socially and support strong cohousing communities.

Supporting Documents:
Design Programming
WebChat #32
Laura Fitch

Making decisions about architectural design is complicated and potential stressful. Up front “programming” is critical. We’ll discuss ideas for successful design decision making.

Design with Climate: Achieving comfort, efficiency and community
Stepping into Cohousing
Mathilde Berthe, Erik Bonnett

Homes which are adapted to their unique climate save energy and are more resilient. Not only is climate-adapted design a foundation of addressing climate change, it also supports a more meaningful connection with your environment and your community. This session will explore how.

Designing for Affordability and Diversity
Stepping Into Cohousing
Grace Kim

Many cohousing groups start off with a strong desire to include diversity and affordability…but very few actually achieve these ideals by the time they move in. This session will address definitions of affordability and diversity; discuss intentions around inclusion; the pervasiveness of systemic racism and how it affects life in community; and the training and discussions required to prepare residents for success.

Participatory Design: How Designing Together Can Bring You Together
The Heart of Community
Mary Kraus

A well-run participatory design process is one of the first opportunities for cohousing groups to build their social community before they move in. In this session, I describe a methodology for participatory design that is both highly effective and deeply enjoyable, helping you build strong bonds with your future neighbors.

Supporting Documents:
Permaculture in the Field
Sharing and Caring
Connor Stedman

Let’s take what you learned in the Permaculture Theory session and see how it applies in the outside real world! In this session Connor talks about how he applied his knowledge of permaculture in working with Rocky Corner Cohousing.

Working affordably with Professionals and the Built Environment
Cohousing Affordability
Kristen Uitto & Stephen Eckert

This presentation will focus on ways to work effectively with design professionals to avoid added cost. It will also identify ways to affordably design units from a space planning aspect to the selection of materials. We will also touch on partnerships that can help build in affordability. Finally it will ask the question, what elements of the process are anti-affordable?

Working With Architects
Stepping into Cohousing
Mary Kraus, Katie McCamant, Grace Kim, Molly Jones

So you want to get your cohousing community designed and built. How do you secure an architectural team to help you bring your visions into form, on time, within budget, and fostering positive relationships in the process? Learn from a panel of four seasoned cohousing professionals. Ample time for questions.