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The pandemic created new challenges for communities as it did for all aspects of life. Sessions in this topic track the way communities across the country came together to share ideas, to solve problems, and to celebrate successes during that time.  

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Cohousing and Coronavirus
Webchat #56
Karen Gimnig

A community check-in. How are we doing? What do we need?

Cohousing and Coronavirus Community Check In
WebChat #47
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

Communities share their strategies for living together in the time of coronavirus and their stories of coming together as communities in these time.

Supporting Documents:
Cohousing and Coronavirus Development Landscape
WebChat #46
Joren Bass

Joren Bass – Senior Development Manager for Urban Development Partners (UDP) discussed adjustments UDP is seeing in the development, lending and construction landscape during this pandemic. He discussed steps forming communities can take to keep on track with the development process while managing equity reserves. We also looked at how communities can optimize their position coming out of the current slowdown. Cameo appearances from Katie McCamant and Jim Leach.

Supporting Documents:
Cohousing and Coronavirus: Community Check In
Webchat #52
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

A little over a month since our last community check-in, we connect and see what everyone is doing now, what’s working, where there is struggle, and ways we can help one another.

Cohousing and Coronavirus: Preparing for Covid-19 Illness in Community
WebChat #49
Gretchen Brauer-Rieke, RN, MSN

Gretchen Brauer-Rieke, RN, MSN and a member of the health team at PDX Commons will be with us to share the tools PDXC is using to prepare for potential Covid-19 illness within the community. Given the statistical likelihood that over the months to come their community will experience Covid-19 illness, the health team has developed detailed plans for containing the illness with compassion and care while giving as much support as possible to ill neighbors. Ranging from simple tasks like buying a thermometer to complex protocols for traversing shared spaces as you leave the community for medical care, this case study will help any community prepare for the current pandemic as well as more common occurrences of illness in community. Note that we’ve reserved 90 minutes for this rich topic.

Video links:
PDXC Next Steps Video
Advance Planning Video

Cohousing and the Coronavirus Keep Cohousers Healthy
WebChat #42
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

As communities listen and respond to current events, it seems like a good moment to come together online and talk about how cohousing interfaces with public health concerns. What practices do communities use to stay healthy? How do we take action as a community in the face of individual differences when the stakes are high? How do we balance the competing needs for safety, connection and mutual support?

We gathered on zoom in our usual way for a time of sharing and discussion. What is your community doing? What is working? What isn’t? What are the ways in which living in community makes us resilient? What are the unique concerns and resources that come with living together?


Supporting Documents:
Cohousing and the Coronavirus Emotional Impacts
WebChat #43
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

Coronovirus is impacting more than our physical health. This WebChat explores the impact of isolation on our emotions, considering also the toll of worry for our health and for our economy in this time of uncertainty. While we keep our bodies safe, how do we also protect our emotional health? We gathered on zoom in our usual way for a time of sharing and discussion. What is your community doing? What is working? What isn’t? What are the ways in which living in community makes us resilient? What are the unique concerns and resources that come with living together?

Supporting Documents:
Cohousing and the Coronavirus Forming Communities
WebChat #45
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

Forming communities have particular needs in the cohousing world and never moreso than during a pandemic. We’ll consider how to attract and engage with new members, the ways stress shows up differently for groups that do not live together yet, and the concerns that you bring about your experiences.


Cohousing and the Coronavirus Open House Options
WebChat #44
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig, Raines Cohen, Alan O’Hashi

An Open House is a great way for a community to share the good news about cohousing, which is why we do one on a national scale each spring. This year we’re thinking some communities may be looking for some alternative approaches to sharing with others. In this WebChat, National Cohousing Open House Day Coordinator Raines Cohen and CohoUS Board President Alan O’Hashi share some ideas, including an example of a tour video. Bring your ideas too, the more the merrier as we get creative in the face of challenges.


Community Life After Cornovirus
Webchat #53
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

After Covid-19, the world and our communities will be changed. Looking ahead to the end of the pandemic, How will we, as communities, transition to our new normal? What will the new normal look like? What good things have we discovered through this crisis that we will keep going forward?

Supporting Documents:
Facilitated Discussion on Covid Differences
Connecting in Cohousing
Mukunda Das

A conversation about co-existing with our differences as society opens up after covid and vaccines are available. Everyone is invited to participate and share their experience, learning, and thinking about what it takes to co-exist peacefully and lovingly while holding different perspectives on health, safety and community.

Finances and Funnies
WebChat #48
Karin Hoskin, Karen Gimnig

One of the impacts of COVID-19 for communities and community members is financial strain. Here, we talk about how communities can support one another, specifically as it relates to finances. And because we know that laughter helps us stay healthy, we’ll be interspersing this serious topic with our favorite COVID-19 humor. Please bring your ideas and your jokes. We’ll have opportunities to share both.