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The Cohousing Association offers events of all kinds.  These sessions are about those events and tours.  

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Botanico Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Federico Bisschop

Virtual tour of Botanico in Belgium
Cohousing BotaniCo is part of the Hertogensite in the heart of Leuven. The former school was renovated into 28 sustainable apartments. In addition to a private apartment, the residents enjoy spacious communal functions. They share a large kitchen for parties, dining space, laundry room, guest bedrooms, children’s play area and hobby rooms. There is also a spacious city garden, parking spaces and a bicycle shed. The houses are equipped with quality materials and the latest sustainable techniques: underfloor heating and sanitary hot water via geothermal drilling.

Supporting Documents:
Capitol Hill Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Mike Mariano

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing in Seattle, WA

Cohousing for All
International Cohousing Summit
Alicia Delashmutt and Myfan Jordan

Cohousing has attracted a homogenous demographic population. In this session we will hear from Alicia Delashmutt from Our Home in Portland, OR who is developing a cohousing community where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be an integral part of the community. We will also hear from Myfan Jordan who is developing cohousing in Australia for LGBTQIA+ youth using the pivot model.

Durham Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit

Virtual tour of Durham Central Park Cohousing (USA)

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Gleis 21 and Audewide Virtual Tours
International Cohousing Summit
Marcus Zilker

Virtual Tour of Gleis 21 and Audewide

Housing 21 Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Bruce Moore

Virtual Tour of Housing 21 in the UK

Indruk Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Federico Bisschop

Indruk in Antwerp Virtual Tour

Supporting Documents:
Little Mountain Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Kathy McGrenera

Virtual Tour of Little Mountain Cohousing in Vancouver BC Canada

Marmalade Lane Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Frances Wright

Virtual Tour of Marmalade Lane in the UK with Frances Wright

Memel Virtual Tour
International Cohousing Summit
Bryan Bowen

Virtual Tour of Memel Cohousing in South Africa

National Cohousing Open House Day
Webchat #22
Raines Cohen

National Cohousing Open House

Supporting Documents:
National Cohousing Open House Days: How to Make Great Videos & Events for National Open House Day
Loving Cohousing
Alan O'Hashi & Raines Cohen

National Cohousing Open House Days are coming up April 22-23, just two months from now. How can you show your love for your community effectively, online or in person? Come learn from a coordinator of the event and a video production expert. It can be fun and easy to show off the best of your community, and you can even get a wide range of community members involved to spread the load.

Open Space
WebChat #55
Neil Planchon & Raines Cohen

Neil and Raines describe the concept of open space events and we introduce the online coho version: 2020 Cohousing Open

Touring Casa Verde Commons
Life is Better Together
Dick Kohlhaas, Joan Huntley

Founding members Dick and Joan will give a virtual tour of Casa Verde describing life there while pointing out some features of the community. You’ll even get a peak inside one of the units!