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Cohousing includes a lot of meetings. Fortunately there are lots of ways to make meetings effective, efficient and fun. You'll find many of them in these sessions.  

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Cohousing and Coronavirus: Online Connection
WebChat #51
Karen Gimnig, Megan Shea

Karen Gimnig and Megan Shea lead us through a selection of technology tools and best practices to make remote meetings effective and engaging. During the interactive demonstration, attendees share their experiences and perspectives. The focus of part two is deepening connection.

Supporting Documents:
Cohousing and Coronavirus: Online Meetings
WebChat #50
Megan Shea, Karen Gimnig

Tips and tricks for effective online meetings. Tools include zoom, polls, and jamboards, along with best practices.

Supporting Documents:
Facilitating While Listening
WebChat #1
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Facilitators lead meetings for cohousing communities. Jerry guides us through facilitation from setting an agenda to implementing clear process for the meeting.

Facilitation and Contracting
WebChat #16
Karen Gimnig

Making clear agreements with the group gives a facilitator credibility and creates safety.

Supporting Documents:
Facilitation Techniques
WebChat #6
Alan O’Hashi

Shifting from Transaction to Transformation
1. Set Boundaries, Norms and Expectations
2. Empowered Heart Keeper
3. Space Management
4. Negative Polling

Supporting Documents:
Good Agendas and Meeting Minutes
WebChat #11
Ted Rau

How can one set up meeting agendas and meeting minutes so we can make things easy and transparent? How can we share information within a cohousing group?