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As communities form, a lot of energy goes into gathering community members through a marketing program. These sessions help groups learn to tell the story of cohousing and all the benefits of living in community. 

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Buying or Selling a Home in Cohousing
WebChat #28
Raines Cohen, Betsy Morris

Whether you are looking to join a cohousing community or inviting others to do the same, the process is different than a typical real estate deal. Betsy and Raines walk us through some of the differences and walk us through the process.

Hosting a Great Marketing Event
WebChat #27
Shelly Parks

Tips for making the most of your marketing events, engaging prospective members, and moving them to the next step of membership.

Onboarding Explorers
WebChat #12
Shelly Parks

Onboarding Explorers

Support for Forming Groups
International Cohousing Summit
Owen Jarvis and Shelly Parks

One of the major challenges for forming groups is resources for how to get started and recruiting new members. The UK has developed “starter kits” for forming groups and Owen Jarvis will share how those initiatives were funded and created.

Shelly Parks is a marketing professional in the US who has helped many communities, including her own, recruit members in the pre-development stage. She will share her top 3 tips for successfully recruiting and maintaining members prior to move-in.

Tell Your Community Story
WebChat #33
Alan O’Hashi

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about how to get started with forming a community. Some folks have been at it for a while but haven’t been able to gain any traction. What are some reasons why this happens? In this webchat I’ll provide a way to write your community story to narrow down your “market” to improve the chances to attract the people who may be interested in joining your community.

Top Tips for Converting Interested People to Members
Stepping Into Cohousing
Shelly Parks

Shelly will share her top tips including what to say on a first call, how to talk about your forming or developing community in a compelling way, what kind of effective follow up is needed after an event, how to have a “closing” conversation, and more.