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Membership in cohousing is always rewarding and often challenging. Sessions in this topic consider how cohousing communities can support members through the challenges and help each and all get the very most out of community life. 

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Changing of the Guard – Success in bringing new community members aboard and in parting with old ones.
Cohousing Over Time
Silver Sage panel

In this presentation a panel of three to five Silver Sage residents will present, discuss and answer questions about our 13 year experiences in bringing in new members as active participants in the community, including our experience with over 25% of the community turning over in the past 3 years. The presentation will include details on our current successful program for both aiding departing members and their new buyers with an emphasis on growing a deeper and better community.

We Can Work It Out
WebChat #20
Sarah Ross, Mary King

5 Critical Elements of a Comprehensive and Engaging New Member Orientation