PDX Commons Looking Forward to the Conference

Several PDX Commoners are attending the National Cohousing Conference in Nashville. Here’s what’s motivating them to attend:

“I plan to concentrate on sessions related to creating caring, supportive cohousing communities. In PDX Cohousing, I hope to help create a framework where any of us can ask for and receive support during short term illness, some chronic illnesses, and even end-of-life situations.”

– Susan Fries

“I am going because I’m on the National CoHousing Board; we’ll meet and help ensure the conference runs smoothly. I attended a national conference about five years ago, which renewed my interest in the movement. It was also a wonderful time to visit local cohousing communities and see the variety that exists in this environment. I felt so at home with all the attendees and impressed with how thoughtful folks were to the joys and challenges of living intentionally with others. There were skills and knowledge workshops, just like the upcoming conference to learn from.”

– Annie Lehman

“I am going primarily to present on how we created PDX Commons. We are well known and lots of people forming new communities are interested in hearing our story. I am calling the presentation: “From Pipe Dream to Reality: Lessons Learned.” Susan and I have attended the past two annual conferences so I am also excited to meet cohousers from around the country and hear their stories. Finally, I hope to work with UDP on helping organize core groups for additional senior cohousing projects that UDP plans to sponsor in the NW. UDP is a sponsor of the conference and several of their staff will be attending. So, I look forward to learning with them how to best promote cohousing in the future. Above all, I am looking forward to eating some Memphis ribs.”

– Lew Bowers

“I am going to attend trainings on resiliency and preserving strong community. I will attend a workshop to become involved in cohousing research. Also, I have signed up for “Aging Better Together By Design or Destiny.” I think this will broaden my sights for our Mitzvah Squad and Health and Wellness committees. And I hope to meet other new and old cohousers, and have fun!”

– Karen Erde

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