Pioneer Valley Cohousing Excited to Welcome Summit Attendees Next Month!

My community is hosting the Northeast Cohousing Summit! Come learn about how to develop a cohousing group or help your existing community thrive through changing times. Or just enjoy networking with some kindred spirits – that is the part I like best about the many cohousing conferences I’ve attended. I always come away from cohousing conferences with renewed enthusiasm for my community and my architectural design work.

I will be teaching a Friday afternoon intensive on designing common houses (more details here). If you are in the group formation stage or in the midst of design, you will enjoy hands on design work in addition to lots of learning from other community and common house designs. You can even bring your own site plan or common house sketches for blessing as well as critique and improvement!

Pioneer Valley Cohousing is a really remarkable community, worthy of a visit at anytime, but especially when we are hosting such an important conference. It’s been fun planning the Summit but I am really looking forward to celebrating with you at our Open House on Saturday evening following the conference sessions!

See you soon!

Laura Fitch

Architect and member of Pioneer Valley Cohousing




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