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I recently had the opportunity to speak before a City/County Planning Commission in support of Village Hearth Cohousing in Durham, North Carolina. Many of you will remember – or are gearing up for – addressing issues of parking, road access, home clustering and more, to obtain approval for building.
If helpful, I am sharing my remarks (attached) as Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the U.S. My aim was to:
• Establish cohousing as a normal and beneficial housing structure, one that enjoys support from a national association;
• Provide credibility that cohousing is a strong and successful housing development model;
• Raise awareness that cohousing communities are part of the new sharing economy being sought by individuals and families who seek to live more sustainably and in community with neighbors;
• Explain that cohousing provides an innovative way to address changing demographics and the roles traditionally played by extended families;
• Assure that cohousing communities are strong financially and present a good investment, with very few foreclosures even in the most troubled markets during the recession;
• Offer the added benefit that cohousing facilitates community engagement, and many cohousers volunteer time for community service.
Attached are the remarks I delivered, within the two-minute requirement. You are welcome to use these remarks in any way if they can be helpful to you.

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