Request For Proposals for Coho US Events

Welcome to our brand new process for gathering session submissions for CohoUS events. We hope you will find that it is faster, easier and more reliable than the forms we’ve used in the past. There are a couple of extra steps the first time you submit, so please read carefully and follow the steps below.

Step 1
Log in to this website ( If you don’t yet have a username, you can create one by clicking on “Log In” in the header of the website (upper right). You will see a pop up includes a white box with spaces to enter username and password. Under the white box in that pop up, click on Register to create an account. If you click on “Lost your password” and you don’t get an email, you probably don’t have a user account for that email. Click on “Register” to create one.
Step 2
Register with us as a speaker. (You only have to do this once.)
While logged in to (see Step 1), use this link to open the speaker registration form. It should be prepopulated with information from your user account. You can update that information in the form and add the information we need from our speakers. At any point in the future, you can update your information by logging in with the same user account and returning to the form.
Step 3
Submit your session proposal(s).
While logged in to, use this link to open our session proposal form. Complete all the information required for the event you wish to submit for. Please note that for the Madison 2022 event the pre-session intensives are listed as a separate event from the main event sessions. If you wish to submit more than one session, you must complete a new form fo each submission.