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WebChat - Affordability: Building Blocks
Betsy Morris
What are the basic building blocks of affordability in cohousing? What strategies have different communities employed to reduce costs and bring in outside funding as they develop? What kinds of partnerships make it possible to economically diversify and extend the range of the movement? How can we overcome the market realities and stereotypes, slay the myths of shortcuts and engage proven paths to true affordability? Cohousing Coach Betsy Morris, outlines the many innovative approaches that pioneering communities adopted in the first decade of the movement. Which ones are relevant today? Can these unique models be replicated in new projects? Betsy is a Cohousing California regional organizer and Global EcoVillage Network (GEN) Ambassador, living in community in Berkeley, California. She is part of the Cohousing Research Network and serves on the area’s Gray Panthers board, working to learn from Tiny Home Villages and landless peoples as we share cohousing principles.
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