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Cohousing: The Future of Community and Human Connection
Trish Becker-Hafnor
Trish is the owner of StorySpring Consulting and Director of Community Engagement at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. A social worker to the core, she advances social change by connecting leaders to resources, opportunities and each other. She is a passionate advocate for housing solutions that address both affordability and the global loneliness epidemic. At the University of Denver, she leads community engagement initiatives and creates gatherings that advance social justice. As a consultant with StorySpring, she provides strategy, facilitation and coaching to nonprofits, social changemakers, and intentional communities. Fueled by her own suburban loneliness and a desire for community, Trish became a founder of Denver’s newest cohousing community. She believes that we are most alive when we are connected, and that intergenerational communal living offers an alternative to our increasingly isolated world. Drawing upon years of experience living communally throughout the world, she urges us to find one another and build our own micro-villages.
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