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Cohousing, High-Functioning Neighborhoods, Group Process, Programs, Urban Planning, Community
Community-Enhanced Design: Cohousing and Other High-Functioning Neighborhoods
Charles Durrett
In Community-Enhanced Design, distinguished architect and affordable housing advocate Charles Durrett delivers a complete, start-to-finish guide for designing anything where the emphasis lies with the community. This book describes the consequential role that architecture and a healthy design process can play in the success of neighborhoods, churches, towns, and more. It’s an inspiring collection of ideas that prioritize high-functioning neighborhoods. In the book, the author draws on the success of hundreds of community-first projects to show readers how to design a project that addresses both timeless and modern challenges—from aging to climate change and racism—in its architecture and urban design. He compiles facts and concepts that are essential to the design of a high-functioning community, where people can participate in a way that reflects their values, improves their social connections, and retain their autonomy and privacy.
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