Retire in the Sun For Less Money and Still Enjoy CoHousing

So you are thinking about retirement. Or may already be retired. You know that in this next phase of your life you would like to have a new adventure– new experiences, new culture, new environment, new lifestyle, new climate and maybe a new language. But not so different that you are no longer connected to your American culture, your children and grandchildren and your friends. These were the desires that my husband and I had as we approached our retirement years. We knew that our number one desire was to live in a warmer, sunnier climate, but not with the financial overheads of California or the heat or humidity of other areas in the US.

We quickly discovered Mexico and the Lake Chapala area (south of Mexico’s 2nd largest city-Guadalajara). Specifically the village of Ajijic and the north shore of Lake Chapala, which has all the charm of a Mediterranean village, enjoys one of the best climates in the world and is affordable living for retiring expats. Retirees from the US, Canada and Europe have been living here for a number of years and have developed a support system and infrastructure unique to Mexico that makes transitioning into living in Mexico very easy. The area has all the amenities necessary for modern living, which includes medical facilities, access to healthy food and water, transportation and an international airport within a 30 minute drive from Lakeside. The area is very safe and far away from Mexico’s northern border problems. Our cost of living is more than half of what it was in Portland, Oregon and now we have the money to travel and enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.

To our delight we also discovered Rancho La Salud Village—Mexico’s first co-housing community. The design and goals of the Village met all of our needs for a committed community, green housing, solar energy for all homes (a no brainer in Mexico!), a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and a multicultural community. We are among the first residents to build a Garden Home, which is the larger option for a home. Smaller scale homes are Town Homes and Pool Suites. You can read more about our housing options and prices along with our mission, vision and goals of Rancho La Salud Village on our website: You can also see the Stephenson’s experience in building their home along with photos and housing options at Rancho La Salud Village at:

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