SAGE Cohousing International and Quimper Villagers Co-Present at the Conference

We are thrilled to announce that three members of Quimper Village will co-present Senior Cohousing: A Roadmap to Starting a New Community with Chuck Durrett at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference from May 19-21.
Carolyn, Pat, and David H. will talk about how they successfully formed a group, the importance of having roles with a group, and the latest updates on their favorite cohousing community, Quimper Village. The all-day intensive will include valuable information for anyone looking to start their own senior cohousing project and participants will have the chance to brainstorm what their scenario will look like through breakout sessions and small group conversation.

Creating a senior cohousing community can be an exciting and very fulfilling life event, if the group knows what they’re doing. Quimper Villagers benefited greatly from finding complimentary skills from members within their group, and hiring Chuck Durrett (McCamant & Durrett Architects) and Katie McCamant (CoHousing Solutions) as consultants on the project. Through guidance and with a steadfast vision, Quimper Village is now nearing move-in in record timing.

Are you looking for the next steps to creating your senior cohousing community? Sign up today for Senior Cohousing: A Roadmap to Staring a New Community and then check out these two blogs for more information:

Looking for the Next Steps in Creating Your Senior Cohousing Community? and The Roadmap and Why It’s Important to Have One.

The 2017 National Cohousing Conference offers a wide variety of topics of interest to co-housers from getting a favorable mortgage to running an effective meeting. There is still time to register for the conference being held in Nashville on May 18-21. We hope to see you there!

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