What is an online conference? Our online conferences have most of the features of an in person conference with no travel and a fraction of the cost.  They will take place on Zoom. They are designed so that anyone with an internet connection can participate from their own living room.

How do I get recordings? Recordings will be posted to the event program webpage you use to access the event. Whether or not you attended the event live, use the program page URL or link and the password we sent with it to access the program page.

When will the recordings be available?  We post the recordings in an incremental rollout as soon as they are ready. This may take up to 2 weeks after the conference depending on staff availability. Generally at least some of the recordings and many of the slides and supporting documents are available within a day or two. Feel free to check back for more.  When the full program of recordings is complete, we’ll send an email and let you know.   

What is Zoom? Zoom is an online video-conferencing service. You can learn about the service at www.zoom.us. The site will also allow you to test your microphone, speakers and camera. Most people find it extremely easy to use. If you have never been on Zoom before, we suggest logging in early. There is a small “app” to download on your computer or mobile device. It just takes a few minutes. If you choose, you can set up a free zoom account that will remember your name for future meetings. It can be used for shorter meetings (less than 40 min). Setting up a zoom account is not required to attend online conferences.  

Do I need a microphone and camera? Only if you want to be heard or seen. For our online events, you are welcome to attend as a viewer and listener. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and possibly discuss things with others. It is possible to submit questions or comments using your keyboard, but if you want to speak them, you will need a microphone and if you want to be seen, you will need a camera. Most computers and devices these days come equipped with everything you need. Naturally we love to see your smiles, but don’t let the lack of a camera keep you away.  

Will I have a chance to meet and talk to other cohousers? Yes you will. There will be a networking session where you will be grouped with 6-8 others for conversation after the keynote. Content sessions will have Q&A opportunities. If you run into someone that you’d just love to chat with, we’ll have a way for you to gather with them in your own private breakout room during most of the event.

I’ve registered, but I haven’t received an access email.  There are several things that might be going on here.  Try these trouble-shooting steps: 1. Please confirm that your payment went through. If it didn’t, odds are you registration didn’t either.  2. Once registration complete, you should immediately receive an automated confirmation email that includes access information. 3. The day before the event and morning of the event a reminder email will be sent to all registrants and will include access information. 4. Check your spam or junk boxes! Our emails to you *could be ending up there because of a filter setting on your computer). If you still need help, contact Karin Hoskin at karincohous@gmail.com but please understand communications will be paused just before, during and just after the actual event.

I received the email, but I can’t get in. Again, there are a number of possible reasons.  1. You should be trying to access the program page of the website, either by clicking on the link in the email, or by copying and pasting the URL into your browser.  That program page will have all the links you need to enter zoom rooms.  2. The program page is a password protected page. When we sent you the link to the program page, we also sent you a event specific password.  You need that event password to access the program.  3. Only the password we sent you for this event will work. Be sure you are not using your cohousing.org website password, or your email address or any other password.  Hint – the event password you need relates to the title of the event and isn’t used for anything else.

I paid for the recordings and can’t access them. The recordings are available as soon as they are each processed and can be accessed through the program page.   

How do I register? Each online conference has its own registration (and unique access and password), click on the logo below.