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Rocky Corner is an ecovillage, with thirty energy-efficient homes clustered in the center of a thirty-three acre organic farm. Conserving most of our land, sharing food, sharing the common house, sharing vehicles and using sociocracy as our governance model defines who are are. Bethany, Connecticut is five miles from New Haven, a lively cultural hub. We have recreational hiking trails just outside our doors and cultural events just down the road.

As the first cohousing neighborhood in Connecticut, Rocky Corner is attracting local people from within the state as well as from New York and Massachusetts. We are finishing up the construction of our thirty homes. Move-ins for many of us will be this spring. We are proud that thirteen of the thirty homes are income-qualified affordable homes.

We are excited to be hosting one of the first Cohousing Association of the US Simple Series 2020 events. We hope this will be just the start of bringing cohousers together to learn from each other.

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