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This page is for registered participants in “Rocky Corner: Sharing and Caring”. If you have already registered (which you probably have), ignore this: If you found your way here without registering for this event and paying a registration fee, we request you to click here to register now.

The live online event was a great success. We are now pleased to make the recordings available to all registered participants. If you know of others who would benefit from the information in these sessions, please invite them to register – it’s not too late – and receive access to the recordings.

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See below for recordings and related material from each session.

Session 1

To Matter and Belong

Session 2

Session 3


Conference Schedule

8:00a9:00a10:00a11:00aWelcome and Rocky Corner History
8:20a9:20a10:20a11:20aSessions, choose one to attend:
To Matter and Belong – Room 1
Permaculture Theory – Room 2
10:00a11:00a1200p1:00pSessions, choose one to attend:
Dynamic Governance – Room 1
Sustainability Panel – Room 2
11:40a12:40p1:40p2:40pSessions, choose one to attend:
Food Ethics Discussion – Room 1
Permaculture in the Field – Room 2
1:30p2:30p3:30p4:30pQ & A Sessions, choose 1:
Rocky Corner – Room 1
Cohousing or CohoUS – Room 2
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