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The use of sociocracy as the governance system and form of decision making in communities is growing. In the last few weeks I have talked to members of Champlain Valley Cohousing, Ten Stones Cohousing and East Village Cohousing in Vermont, Belfast Cohousing in Maine, Cambridge Cohousing in Massachusetts all of whom use some or most of the elements of sociocracy. I am hopeful that since the 2015 Durham National Cohousing Conference where Diana Leafe Christian and I presented several workshops, that sociocracy is now a clear option for communities considering/reconsidering their governance systems.

Information about sociocracy is available at the websites of Sharon Villines , The Sociocracy Consulting Group and my new project, Sociocracy for All .

Sociocracy For All has just launched its latest project, Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT). See the 2 min video explanation, and more info on the SoLT webpage in the website.

It is a 12-week sociocracy immersion learning program, done remotely and by *doing *sociocracy in a pop-up organization that we are setting up for people. Anyone anywhere in the world who can make the commitment and speaks English can apply. This is an innovative way of teaching governance, and I hope we can spread learning quickly and effectively. We noticed that we can talk and talk about sociocracy and people are convinced that sociocracy sounds good, but they don’t understand it until they actually make decisions by consent. We want to give people that experience. SoLT is the best way we can think of to give affordable, practical access to this experience to people, and through the SoLT

Cohousing for more than 3 years.

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez


CEO, The Sociocracy Consulting Group
project manager, Sociocracy For All

Certified Trainer, New England NVC

Member, Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community

*Sociocracy: the operating system of the new economy. See 4-minute intro video here*




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