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SOMAlearn = SOMAtranscript with SOMAquiz
SOMAlearn is a web based training platform that extends the video/transcript player to include a cutting edge quiz application that can assess responses from participants dynamically.

What sets this tool apart from conventional on-line comprehension assessment tools is that SOMAquiz uses a cutting edge semantic engine that dynamically reads text responses from participants and correctly assess right and wrong answers in real time by detecting the presence or absence of required concepts.
This tool provides educators and trainers with a way to replace multiple choice responses that conventionally use radio buttons or checkboxes.
SOMAquiz was initially developed for use with SOMAtranscript in web-based training programs.

Our first project with an independent consulting firm was completed in early 2012. Demos of that projects have resulted in discussion about future projects with several local educational institutions and with a firm specializing in corporate management training.

We have high expectations for this tool because every online educator that we have shown this tool has commenced discussions with SOMA for the use of this tool for courses that they are designing.
the link below takes you to a series of pages that explain the components of the tool.