Spring is a great time to visit cohousing or show off your community!

New to cohousing? The National Cohousing Open House Day April 29, 2017 is perfect for getting a real taste for what it would be like to live in a cohousing community. Plan a whole vacation around an area that is featuring several tours, or just find a single tour near your home. Seeing is believing. You are sure to come away educated and inspired and wishing for great neighbors like the ones who will host your tours. Perhaps you will even find your next home in an existing community!

Looking to grow your existing group or waiting list?

Consider being a host community for the National Cohousing Open House Day! Show off your developing project, add to your waiting list to keep it robust, educate the public about cohousing in general, or just have fun.

You might consider pairing a tour with a seminar, “spring fling”, work day, or kids’ activity. Food always attracts people, so consider serving bagels and coffee or throwing a pizza party. It is an opportunity that your group or built community should not miss!

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