Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for CohoUS is an overview of goals and objectives for the organization. It is reviewed by the Board of Directors at bi-annual retreats. The plan covers four major focus areas.  

  1. To inspire, invite and encourage people to engage with the cohousing movement. We do this through our website, newsletter, social media and events, as well as providing information about cohousing to other media sources. 
  2. To empower, support, and educate forming, building and established cohousing communities. This is a primary focus for the association, and we accomplish it through our partnership programs, website, newsletter, events, and more. 
  3. To influence government, corporations and institutions to become cohousing-friendly. 
  4. This is our smallest focus area and is largely responsive in providing information to others interested in this work.  
  5. To sustain the Cohousing Association while working toward our mission. This focus refers primarily to maintaining our staff of a full time executive director and 4 part time (10 or fewer hours per week) contract staff.  

For more information about our Strategic Plan, please contact executive director Trish Becker at