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Jenny Bevacqua – Portland, OR

I’m a mother, activist, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Portland, Oregon. I live in a forested cohousing community with my partner, 2 sons and our elderly dog. We choose cohousing because it aligns with our values as well as desires for community. Our individualistic culture seems to be damaging our society, via isolation and disconnection.... Read More

Top 10 Benefits of Early Participation in Cohousing

There are certainly many substantive benefits of being an early investor and committed burning soul in the cohousing formative stages. The most important of these are having a strong Influence in the 1. decision making 2. site selection 3. design decisions 4. project budget 6. priority of choice in selecting a lot, site or unit... Read More

History of Fair Oaks EcoHousing

I started Fair Oaks EcoHousing because I want to live in a friendly community where neighbors know and care about each other. I think we need more neighborhoods like that! 1. It was Love at First Sight In Fall 2003, I visited my friend Don’s home in downtown Sacramento. When I looked out his kitchen...

Cohousing: One Day a Fact of Life

One day, cohousing won’t be an underground movement but a fact of life. From the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard, we’re well on the way. Can’t wait. –Jim Leach Wonderland Hill Development, at the Aging Better Together Conference in Salt Lake City, May 2016 Hear, hear! Creating a cohousing-friendly environment – and... Read More