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Charging Electric Vehicles at Wolf Creek Lodge

Construction at Wolf Creek Lodge in Grass Valley, CA was completed in 2012. At that time, no member owned an electric vehicle. 2015 marked the early adoption of plug-in vehicles by several residents. “Electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation because of their simplicity of design and low maintenance costs, “said Richard Carter, the... Read More

Addressing Climate Change: Two Generations at Heart-Culture Farm Community

Reprinted from Communities Magazine Spring 2017 “I want to do something about climate change,” my 12-year-old daughter insisted. The immediacy of her feelings, and her earnest belief that she, personally, could do something momentous left me momentarily speechless. I remember that same urgency in myself as a teenager, before I realized the complexity of the... Read More

Appreciating Cohousing: Hot Soup Cure for Negative Worldview

This Thanksgiving break, I’ve been especially grateful for my cohousing bubble. When I drive home in the dark at 6pm after a long business trip, I look up the hill and appreciate seeing the lights on in the common house. My worries and concerns of the external world stay outside the door as I join... Read More

The Village People Seeking All Things Nature

The Village People (as we sometimes think of ourselves) first met through Richmond Cohousing, though we soon realized that our preference was for a more rural lifestyle, where our wish to be surrounded by trees, ponds, and all We’re a diverse group (diversity which we aim to foster) with a like-minded streak that lends itself... Read More

The Best Place to Survive an Ice Storm

In Christmas of 2012, a year after my family moved to Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage, our town was the epicenter of one of the most severe ice storms the Maine coast has seen in recent memory. Temperatures dropped to negative 5 Fahrenheit at night and electricity was out for days as ice encrusted roads and... Read More