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Yarrow Ecovillage: Cohousing as a Building Block to the Ecovillage

Published in Communities Magazine #171: Ecovillages Around the World Following the first cohousing community in the United States, Muir Commons in Davis, California, cohousing has not only continued to expand throughout the US and Canada, it has also become a model for other housing types (seniors housing, nonprofit affordable housing), and a building block for... Read More

The Development Side of Building Quimper Village

[Part of the Session “How to Grow a Senior Cohousing Community,” presented at the Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference, May 2016 in Salt Lake City.] Pat and David have told you the story of how Quimper Village was imagined, initiated and marketed. David will tell you it is a whole lot easier to market the... Read More

25 Years and Still Going Strong: Muir Commons & Cohousing in America

This year Muir Commons celebrates its 25th anniversary. This means 25 years of cohousing in the United States! Even at the very beginning of this project, which is located in Davis, California, Katie and I could envision other cohousing communities taking root in the U.S. It was a dream we shared with many others. And... Read More