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Coho/US is initiating a National Open House Day! Whatever these words may bring up for you, one thing is for sure – just as cohousing itself is a collaborative process and group effort, a living example that the whole indeed is greater than the sum of its part, it will be with this event as... Read More

Cohousing Directory Map and Metrics

Coho/US now offers a Cohousing Directory Map – check it out!http://cohousing.org/map We are grateful to creator Jenny Godwin. I encourage folks to let us know when your community status changes. When was the last time you reviewed and updated your profile on the Cohousing Directory? Feeding this map are the following metrics: Cohousing Community Metrics... Read More

How many cohousing communities are there?

Posted by Fred Olson on Cohousing-L: From the Cohousing Directory on the number of cohousing communities: Completed: 111Building 22 Own Site 21 Site Optioned 6 Seeking Site 12 Forming 38 Retrofitting 11 Total active: 221 in 36 states Other database entries: Disbanded 2 Dormant 2 Unknown 3 http://directory.cohousing.org/ The directory is only as good as... Read More