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Being Thankful for Community

Thankfulness isn’t just for Thanksgiving – there are so many reasons to be thankful for community, every day! (Re-post from Coho Now #108. Not on the list? Sign-up here.). Day 1 Today I am thankful for my neighbor for letting me borrow her car Day 2 Today I am thankful for my neighbor who made...

Grateful for Community

As we near the end of 2016, we who are so lucky to live in community have much to be grateful for; most importantly: good, caring neighbors who are willing to actively engage in the process of creating great neighborhoods to grow up in, and to age in. As we ponder the state of the... Read More

Political News & Being Grateful for Cohousing

Many of us are in shock with the national political news; others of us may feel pleasantly surprised. It was helpful to me to listen to Margaret Manning morning show out of Geneva with “Sixty and Me,” a global network of women whose organization would like to support cohousing, with her positive message of working... Read More