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Living in Senior Cohousing in the age of Covid-19

May thanks to PDX Commons and member Gretchen Brauer-Rieke for the article below and linked slide presentations.  Please note that this information may now be out of date in some ways, and should not be considered medical advice.  Cohousing has such rich resources. This well organized and clear information is definitely part of it.  Thanks... Read More

Coho with Coronavirus

A review of WebChat #42: Coho with Coronavirus, Thur, Mar 12, 2020* (In a changing world, note this information may no longer be current.  Specifically, some states have further restricted gatherings since this webchat.) Intro Keeping Cohousers Healthy  As communities listen and respond to current events, it seems like a good moment to come together... Read More

WebChat #35 Sky and Avi

Last month Sky Blue, Executive Director of the Foundation for Intentional Community, and Avi Kruley, Community Wellbeing Facilitator at the Mount Madonna Center, joined us for a WebChat looking at what makes an intentional community an intentional community. They explored the 5 R’s: Residence, Rationale, Responsibilities, Resources and Respect. From there they guided us through... Read More

Where would you want to die? How would you want to die?

Here is the text of the letter I read at the Aging Better Together conference in Salt Lake City. My neurologist friend who wrote the letter has since given permission to use. Hey STEVEN Here are some facts from 2010: Medicare paid $55 billion just for doctor and hospital bills during the last two months... Read More

We are Architects of our Own Experience

I echo Jenny Godwin’s sentiments in her Social Portfolio blog in taking stock of our connections. Outside of cohousing, we live in a culture that values materialism and wealth, with social ties taking a back seat. This despite evidence that “social capital” is a significant factor in health and happiness – more even than eating... Read More