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Who are Cohousers?

The number one reason most people choose to live in cohousing is to experience a true close-knit community of neighbors. But who are these cohousing neighbors? Where do they come from? What are they like? It turns out, if you look at cohousing communities across the United States, whether decades old or in various stages... Read More

Letter Number One from a Cohousing Newbie

What is it like to join a cohousing community? In the spring of 2022 I jumped into that uncertainty in Sonoma County, California. Periodically I’ll try to share the experience and answer questions via a series of “Letters from a Cohousing Newbie.” Landscaping lessons I don’t think I could have made more blunders in a short... Read More

Searching for the right neighborhood, I found a community

Before my wife and I separated (as amicably as possible; my ex- is a terrific person and I’m grateful that she put up with me for 25 years), I lived in a great neighborhood in Wakefield.  Which, in a roundabout way, is why I’m looking forward to living at Bay State Commons, our cohousing community... Read More

Collaborative Community: Layering Coho Cultural Fabric over Mixed Use Community in Cheyenne

Baby Boomers have kicked the birdies out of their nests and downsizing from years of accumulating the detritus of life. Millennials are finding it increasingly difficult to find low cost housing for themselves. One lifestyle that’s getting some traction is that of living in a community whether it being a traditional retirement village or having... Read More

Cohousing Impact on the Greater Neighborhood – Sharings

Takoma Village was the first new housing development in our neighborhood in eons. The neighborhood was considered by some as dangerous. Don’t walk home from the Metro after 9:00. Body found ….. Mugging…. Stuff like that but not as often as when I lived in NYC. I think the community was a spur to later... Read More


“The disappearance of these once-central relationships—between people who are familiar but not close, or friendly but not intimate—lies at the root of America’s economic woes and political gridlock.” – The Vanishing Neighbor, Marc Dunkelman CITYLAB (from The Atlantic) released a fascinating article Aug 19th: Why Won’t You Be My Neighbor? based on recent neighborhood-level data...