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WebChat #39 Karen Gimnig on Personal Growth

Karen’s recent WebChat challenged us to see personal growth as one of the most important reasons for cohousing. She explained how cohousing, in part through conflict, provides an ideal environment for becoming better humans. In particular it is a space in which we grow the skills for collaboration which are so needed in our society... Read More

Webchat #30 Conflict as Growth

Karen Gimnig was with us for a WebChat last week with a new look at conflict in community and in life.  While conflict is not always welcome and rarely easy, she suggested that we can embrace conflict as an opportunity to grow.  Conflict arises when something in us that is ready to grow, or finish... Read

Unpacking Impacted Tensions

As a professional consultant in group dynamics I rarely get asked to work with a group when everything is going fine. Usually they’re leaking oil, have a busted leaf spring, or can’t seem to shift into third gear—and are hoping for inexpensive repairs from me, the itinerant shade tree mechanic. Overcoming Inertia First of all,... Read More

Becoming Less Frightened of Conflict

For many years I have offered an introductory workshop on conflict entitled, “Conflict: Fight, Flight, or Opportunity?” In it, I explain that many people engage conflict with a flight or flight response and that there are better choices. However, even if I can sell you on the idea that working constructively with conflict is possible,... Read More