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Where will you live in the third half of your life? Isolation issues solved for seniors with Co-housing

Isolation is one of the key issues that we face as we age. Women more than men will be in this predicament as women tend to outlive their male partners. Are you rattling around in that big house on your own? Are you interested in ageing with people of similar interests? Lew Bowers from PDX... Read More

Community Co-Care Agreements

This is a compilation of posts on the coho-l email discussion list serve in late January 2017, in response to this inquiry: Does your community have formal or informal co-care agreements about how neighbors will support one another in their aging journey? Have you had discussions and if so, what questions guided the conversation to... Read More

Rural Cohousing: Being a real neighbor in the old-time country sense

Several months ago there was a blog suggesting that “seniors” should look for cohousing communities in urban areas. While I understand the blogger’s reasons (having lived in cities, suburbs and rural areas), I’d like to offer an alternative for retirement or pre-retirement living. My cohousing neighbors here in rural North Carolina will tell you that... Read More

The Inner Game of Aging Podcast

The Inner Game of Aging podcast features our own Cindy Turnquist this week! “What is co-housing? Wikipedia defines this as an “intentional community clustered around shared space”. But that barely scratches the surface of the possibilities inherent in the concept. Today’s guest, Cindy Turnquist, and Lee discuss this intriguing community concept and how it addresses... Read More

Elder Cohousing Research Symposium: Combating Social Isolation

Approximately seventy-five cohousers, researchers, aspiring cohousers, and graduate students attended a symposium on elder cohousing research in Wilmington, North Carolina, on October 27, sponsored by the College of Health and Human Services of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and AARP. Among the presenters were Alice Alexander, Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the...

Aging Alone: The place to start when seeking a cohousing community

When aging alone and assessing places to live, the first thought an individual has, “How can I create an environment where I’m safe, independent, and not isolated?” That’s usually followed by, “And can I afford it:” It’s a collective thought that’s heard in the elder orphans Facebook group designed for people like me, over sixty... Read More

Where would you want to die? How would you want to die?

Here is the text of the letter I read at the Aging Better Together conference in Salt Lake City. My neurologist friend who wrote the letter has since given permission to use. Hey STEVEN Here are some facts from 2010: Medicare paid $55 billion just for doctor and hospital bills during the last two months... Read More

Planning for Aging in YOUR Community

Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, is a professional group process facilitator, a transition coach, and a gerontologist with a special focus on aging in community. She spoke on the topic of her article at the May 2016 Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference. Aging in Community…for many, it’s an idyllic thought. However, much as we would like... Read More

If you Lived Here, You Wouldn’t Isolate

Last week, I attended the Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference in Salt Lake City. Before the meeting, my knowledge and understanding of it was vague. The concept sounded intriguing and I looked forward to learning more. My assumptions of cohousing looked a lot like a senior independent living place that used a trendy name.Initially, the... Read More

Aging in Place: Contributing to a Community

[A repost from Peter Lazar’s blog at http://www.emersoncommons.org/blog ] I’m writing this at 34,000 on my flight to the 2016 Aging in Place conference hosted by Coho/US in Salt Lake City. I like in-flight wi-fi ! , but I digress… The topic of Aging in Place got me thinking about the benefits of living in... Read More