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Cohousing Policies

What shall we discuss as we are forming our communities? Every forming community (I hope!) asks this question and communities that have already moved in give lots of different answers. Many of those answers are in the form of “I wish we’d resolved this” and “we decided x which was irrelevant and should have decided... Read More

Best Marketing: Blogging

When I saw a blog on a cohousing website, I realized that we have missed the boat on using blogs to market cohousing. By reading the informal accounts of personal and community events, I felt this was a community I could walk into and be perfectly happy. The posts were about things like canning tomatoes,... Read

Bringing Back the Village – Interview with Charles Durrett

Bringing Back the Village – Interview with Charles Durrett via Common Groundinghttp://www.cohousingco.com/blog/2017/5/15/bringing-back-the-village

Coming Full Circle with the National Conference and the Importance of Consultation

It’s been almost a decade (seven years) since we traveled to the National Cohousing Conference in Boulder Colorado to learn about how to build our own community in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ve come full circle now with the Conference to be held in Nashville this week. Back then two of us traveled to Boulder and met... Read More

Thoughts on American Cohousing and Being the First in Nevada

While tackling the long and sometimes daunting list of tasks required to start a cohousing group, I draw daily upon every prayer, affirmation and inner trick I know to keep the faith and grow the vision. As our core group grows closer, steadily inching toward this goal, we fine-tune ways to share the vision with... Read More

The True Costs of Senior Housing

“We at Silver Sage strive to age-in-place. Given the caring support of our community, we can do so a lot longer than in many other aging care models,” says Art Okner. “Getting older is a long, fulfilling journey for most—you have a caring family, a good job, activities that you enjoy, and friends to share... Read More

Conference Teaser: Lessons Learned From PDX Commons – Pipe Dream to Reality

Looking to build a supportive urban community for aging? With senior cohousing and urban living both on the rise, Conference goers will be treated to a case study in both from Lew Bowers. Discount registration thru 4/15: www.cohousing.org/2017 PDX Commons is a 27-unit senior cohousing project developed on an urban infill site in downtown Portland,... Read More

Ten Tips for Success in Building a Cohousing Community

Ten Tips for Success in Building a Cohousing CommunityBy Marty Maskall, Founder & Future Resident, Fair Oaks EcoHousing, 12-3-16 1. Join if you can! It’s much easier to join an existing community than to start a new one. 2. Appreciate the efforts of others who start a community – they need our support. 3. Get... Read More

Let the Planning Begin – Announcing National Cohousing Open House Day!

Coho/US is initiating a National Open House Day! Whatever these words may bring up for you, one thing is for sure – just as cohousing itself is a collaborative process and group effort, a living example that the whole indeed is greater than the sum of its part, it will be with this event as... Read More

Gathering Critical Mass for North Bay Cohousing

Over 50 folks joined us, North Bay Cohousing, on Sept 13th in Novato, CA to learn about two real and now cohousing opportunities in the North Bay: a Novato site for sale and a Cotati site under contract. During the presentation, we dove into the actualities of building new cohousing communities in the region, with... Read More