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I asked Daniel if we could post this here because it’s about a great deal more than wifi. -cat

The best advice I can give around wifi is to be careful about how you talk to one another about it – treat those with differing experiences or thoughts respectfully while having the discussion.

Our community is in the process of healing rifts from a decision around “Smart Meters” that came not at all from the topic, but from the way in which folks were with one another.
If your community is like ours you may have:
– Folks who “know” that wifi is extremely dangerous, and exposure should be limited.
– Folks who “know” that wifi is totally harmless
– Folks who “know” that the evidence to look at is peer reviewed science
– Folks who “know” that the evidence to use is the stories they hear from friends and their own experience

It is easy (and pointlessly divisive) for folks with any combination of the first and second “knowledge” to treat those with differing opinions like they are ignorant, naive, irrational, etc.
Our consensus process went off the rails the moment we stopped respectfully listening to each other, and started trying to convince each other why people weren’t thinking clearly about the issue.

Daniel Lindenberger
Windsong Cohousing



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