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Rentals Rentals (approved at community meeting Feb. 18/07) 1. It must be the intention of any purchaser that the unit is being purchased as his/her principal residence, and not for rental purposes. 2. It is understood that an ownder may need to rent his/her unit from time to...
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12 RESIDENCY AND RENTAL OF UNITS 12.1  All units shall be owner occupied except as provided in section 4.2.  Unit owners may rent a portion of their unit while the unit owner remains in residency in the unit.  The renter shall sign a lease which incorporates these Rules and...
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The rental policy is guided by the By-laws, sections 8.1 to 8.7. In order to rent a unit, an owner will: 1) Notify the Board (per Bylaws, section 8.1.5), the members of the Rental Team and the community. 2) Give the description of the rental to the Membership Team for publication. 3) Determine...
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