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Introduction We support one another in building our community life together and promoting the overall sustainability of our lives, our farm and our land. We have not set rigid requirements as we consider the work hours we spend, the meetings we attend, the committees we serve, and/or the many...
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Maintaining accountability                            August 8, 2008:   Prepared By: Alan Carpenter Date: March 06, 2008       ...
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WORK (10/14/01) All community members are asked to honor the guideline of 61/2 hours of community work per month, Associates, four hours of work per month. Community work includes all work done through work teams, committees or independently. (2/27/00...
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The following proposal is intended as a point-of-departure. The Participation Team developed this system based on a review of other cohousing communities and input from Columbia Ecovillage members. The initial system will be reviewed periodically and refined as appropriate.   Preamble...
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