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Listen with respect Share the airtime Be careful about interrupting Take responsibility for your own feelings, reactions and interpretations Focus the discussion where it needs to go Raise hands before speaking. All focus on one conversation. No one should be called on twice on a...
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All membership meetings shall operate using a consensus decision making process, except, upon a vote of 75% of the voting interests present at the meeting to break consensus, decision may be made by an affirmative vote of 75% of the voting interests of the Association. No decision to break...
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1 The highest decision-making power in our community is the General Meting. The Meeting also serves as a core community development activity, gathering members together to build and maintain the collective life of the community. The responsibilities of the General Meeting are to a) govern the...
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1 USE THE DECISION  BOARD FOR: 1 Changes or additions to routine procedures 2 Committee recommendations not complex enough to bring to a GM 3 New ideas brought by individuals or an ad hoc committee outside scope of standing committees and not complex enough to bring to a GM 2 DON’T...
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The following policy will apply to all consensus decisions made by the community and the Board of Directors.    Participation: From Bylaws section 2 Members of the Association or the Board physically present or present via telephone at a meeting may participate in consensus polling...
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