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One of our residents writes: “Truly it is auspicious to find this place and time together to create what we need most in our lives. To go the full mile together in this space (and beyond) requires a personal commitment to awareness.” To support this commitment and to help us to realize our...
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Our Vision We have co-created a sustainable neighbourhood of beauty and peace where we can grow as individuals while supporting each other, the land on which we live and the wider community.  We  foster a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose, sharing the fullness of ourselves and...
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We are an urban cohousing ecovillage cultivating supportive relationships with each other, the larger community and the Earth.
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1. We find beauty and wisdom in nature’s design and seek to emulate it in our village. 2. We value caring and respectful interactions with members of our village, guests, the surrounding neighborhood, society, all living things, and the earth. 3. We approach change and challenges with open-...
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Newly adopted Vision Statement:  “WindSong is a cohesive community of self responsible contributors, who are valuing each other’s uniqueness, reducing our ecological footprint and sharing what we’ve learned with other communities.”
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