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The U.S. Cohousing Association is a national organization but strives to acknowledge relevant happenings in the wider world related to cohousing. Last week, Elephant Journal, a grassroots news organization with a focus on mindful living, interviewed Steven Ablondi and Bryan Bowen about their work...
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It feels like Thanksgiving for Cohousers! You know what its like for those hosting Thanksgiving, right? Preparing extra special treats, cleaning a little bit more than usual, coordinating who is doing what, and mostly... preparing and getting excited for the guests to arrive! That's what we have...
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Like all of you, I am regularly confronted with “Cohousing, what’s that?” Despite my architectural background, I am very slow to bring up anything along the lines of the development program or design features. I describe it as a social contract for a lifestyle and a culture. Informally and...
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I had the incredible opportunity to participate to the National Cohousing Conference last week in Durham. This kind of event really helps you to understand how big the movement now is that Katie and Chuck started in the 80's. Like me coming from France, people from all around the world have been...
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Shown Friday evening at the 2015 National Cohousing Conference
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A retrospective of Danish Cohousing: presented by Grace H. Kim, AIA Research funded by University of Washington Valle Scholar Program. Presentation provided courtesy of Schemata Workshop for the 2008 National Cohousing Conference
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Banners on the front of the Tokyo building identify the floors that the cohousing community occupies. As cohousing increasingly becomes a global phenomenon, I've become curious to learn how different countries mold the concept to reflect their cultural, financial and regulatory realities. I...
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