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These professional facilitators have significant experience working with cohousing communities to enhance group process and communication, to forming groups as well as "mature" communities seeking rejuvenation. Tree Bressen 541-343-3855 • •
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Agenda Planning Checking for Agreement 5 Principles of Facilitation Meeting Formats Handling Inappropriate Blocks in a Consensus Process Nurturing Dissent Meeting Preparation Consensus Decision Making Voting Fallbacks Consensus and Facilitation Resource Sheet Books Consensus...
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Many professionals are interested in providing services to forming groups and existing communities. Coho/US does not screen Other Professional listings. Professionals demonstrating cohousing experience are eligible to upgrade to a Featured Professional listing. Please click here for more details or...
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by Craig Freshley copyright © 2006 Craig Freshley, unless otherwise noted Please see the Good Group Decisions website to learn more about your usage rights or learn about Craig and his work. Interested in a copy of the whole book? The Wisdom of Group Decisions is available for...
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What a great conversation to start off 2019. Ronnie Rosenbaum gave a clear and thoughtful presentation on communication in cohousing with so many tangible ideas to start using right away. Watch the full WebChat at this link: Ronnie spoke on two primary points...
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In our most recent WebChat, Alan O'Hashi shared techniques for facilitation in consensus cohousing groups. His approach is to shift from the transactional methods common in the greater culture, to methods focused on transformation. Watch the video at this link:
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Thanks to Yana Ludwig for an excellent WebChat introduction to consensus. You can read a short summary below and see the full session at this link: Yana gave us a brief introduction to consensus and reminded us that this is just a beginning. Becoming skilled in...
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Ted Rau Sociocracy for All Making Meetings Shorter Much appreciation to Ted Rau for presenting WebChat #5 earlier this month. We had a great audience who were drawn by Ted’s enticing topic “Keeping Meeting Shorter. After reminding us that meeting are about connection and that long...
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The Cohousing Association of the US was delighted to host Jerry Koch-Gonzalez of Sociocracy for All for the first in our series of WebChats. Over 70 people attended the program, including groups that gathering in their common house to watch together. We always love to see cohousing in action...
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The following question was asked on a WebChat on Oct 18, 2018. We didn’t have time to answer it there, so Karen is offering the answer here. Question: Is there a way to get folks who are extremely focused on "getting a lot done" -- especially leaders/facilitators who make very packed meeting...
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