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In principle, it is love that truly changes hearts and transforms people, not power or rules. It is love that compels sustained changes in behavior, not oaths or doctrines. It is love that provides a willingness to give; and it is love that helps us accept, let go, and find peace. Most group...
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In principle, the value of written words is that they can be seen by several people simultaneously, and over time. Further, the process of choosing words helps us be sure we understand. Writing and agreeing on words together breeds shared understanding. Without a written record to underpin the...
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In principle, the most likely path for a group to be highly productive, happy, and endure over generations is for individuals to put group needs over individual needs. In western culture we receive many messages that encourage us to put self first, the most likely path to short term gain. In a “Me...
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In principle, when making good group decisions we try to get all the facts and fully understand before deciding. But it is impossible to understand every detail, every nuance, every possibility, and that's where trust takes over. We work to understand as much as we can, but at some point we just...
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