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Making cohousing affordable: Strategies and successes, part 3 of 3

by Renee Hart, a founding member of CoHo Ecovillage

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind that Mike Volpe, the president of CoHo Ecovillage, was meant to have a home there, in the cohousing community now being built in Corvallis, Oregon. Mike wasn’t nearly as optimistic. Owning a home would mean giving up his Medicaid benefits, and that simply wasn’t an option. Mike has had primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis since he was 23. This particular form of MS is relentless in its pursuit, and it pursued Mike’s health with a vengeance, gradually taking away his ability to walk, to move his hands, and to see clearly.

Making cohousing affordable: Strategies and successes, part 2 of 3

by Brad Gunkel, Architect, McCamant & Durrett Architects

The question must have gone through the collective consciousness of more than one cohousing group over the years: “Can we convince affordable housing developers to build affordable cohousing communities?” To the surprise of many cohousers, the answer is actually “yes.”

International Organizations

This International Cohousing Association list grew out of the Coho/US-sponsored 2009 International Cohousing Summit. See the bottom of the list for more information.

North American Organizations

Canadian Cohousing Network
Promotes awareness of cohousing communities in Canada and abroad, provides an Internet presence for Canadian communities, and offers resource materials and programs

Fellowship for Intentional Community
Serves the growing communities movement by providing information and access to crucial resources for seekers of community, existing and forming communities, and other friends of community

Ecovillage Network of the Americas
Engages the peoples of the Americas in a common effort to join the global transformation toward an ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable future

Northwest Intentional Communities Association

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The Cohousing Store
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Cohousing-L online discussion
The best mailing list for online cohousing discussion – visit our email archives for postings on all sorts of cohousing topics.

Where it all began: Cohousing in Denmark
A brief history of the Danish cohousing movement

Tree Bressen’s group facilitation website
More than two dozen pages on various aspects of community and group process, including consensus decision-making, facilitation, conflict resolution, and more, plus resources and links to other sites

Cohousing Resource Guide

Books & Film

Note: The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US) does not sell these books or videos directly. Instead, we provide you with links to organizational friends. The Fellowship for Intentional Community Bookshelf is the main online store that we are supporting (with no revenue share to Coho/US).

Architect: Kraus Fitch Architects, Inc

Kraus-Fitch Architects is nationally recognized as one of the most experienced architectural firms working with cohousing. In addition to full architectural services, Kraus-Fitch offers meeting facilitation and cohousing workshops focusing on programming and schematic site, common house and unit design. The office of Kraus-Fitch Architects is located at Pioneer Valley Cohousing, where both Mary Kraus and Laura Fitch have lived since 1994. Laura studied cohousing in Denmark in 1980, and both have visited and worked on cohousing throughout North America.

Kraus-Fitch Architects website (
Kraus-Fitch Architects - on

Cohousing & Sustainable Communities

Development: Wonderland Hill Development Company

Wonderland Hill Development Company helps provide tools for the journey to cohousing. We consult, partner, and develops mixed-use neighborhoods, urban infill developments, and small-scale neighborhoods, all with a community-based sustainable development focus. Wonderland Hill, has been a pioneer in the high quality Built Green® arena for the past 40 years, and is the largest developer of cohousing in the United States. The company has established a streamlined model for developing cohousing communities.

We offer a wide array of services:

  • Site Search and Evaluation
  • Project Feasibility and Development Strategies
  • Workshops
  • Marketing and Community Building
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Financing
  • Construction Management

Cohousing Company, The: McCamant & Durrett Architects

Architects Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, of The Cohousing Company, are award-winning California architects credited with bringing the cohousing concept to the U.S. They are the authors of CoHousing: A Contemporary Approach To Housing Ourselves, and founders of The Cohousing Company, a full-service architecture and development consulting firm.

Professional Directory

Cohousing professionals include architects, developers, consultants, marketers, trainers, and others who can address the specific and special needs of cohousing communities and forming groups. Featured professionals have demonstrated cohousing experience and help support the costs of this website. Coho/US confirms that Featured Professionals have cohousing experience with one or more cohousing group. Inclusion is not a Coho/US endorsement - groups are encouraged to request and check references when making hiring decisions. Please contact our Advertising Manager,advertising [at] cohousing [dot] org ( Barb Bansenauer), for details on how to get listed here.

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