The Cohousing Life Discussion Board

Hello fellow cohousers!

My name is Mary Baker and I live in Sonora Cohousing in Tucson, Arizona.

I have recently started a discussion board for cohousers across the U.S. and the globe called The Cohousing Life.

Everyone is welcome to join and browse the discussion threads. This is a place to share ideas, ask questions, and make new friends with similar values and experiences.

The Cohousing Life is set up in a discussion board format, so if you are familiar with sites like eGullet, Chowhound, or other hobby boards, this will be very familiar. Topics are easy to peruse at a glance. Users are welcome to upload a profile photo or avatar. You are also welcome to create a signature with your cohousing name and a link of your choice.

The Cohousing Life is a casual, chat-friendly forum for sharing ideas, recipes, holiday entertainments, photos, and topics of interest to cohousers and those interested in the cohousing lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

I hope to meet you all soon at The Cohousing Life!

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