The Village People Seeking All Things Nature

The Village People (as we sometimes think of ourselves) first met through Richmond Cohousing, though we soon realized that our preference was for a more rural lifestyle, where our wish to be surrounded by trees, ponds, and all

We’re a diverse group (diversity which we aim to foster) with a like-minded streak that lends itself to interests in permaculture, sustainable energy, water reclamation, green building practices, passive solar houses and an open-mindedness and open-heartedness, generally.

It’s created a new social bracket that falls somewhere between neighbors and family. What to call it: Eco-family? Intentional co-housers? Kindred Co-spirit-ors? Call it what you will, it’s made getting acquainted feel more like getting re-acquainted.

Our aim is to create an environment of growth, for people, families, kids, pets, gardens, wildlife, crops, hearts and spirits. Our intention is to do so, in a non-hierarchical way, through Sociocracy – with a healthy balance of individual privacy and community sharing. We’re a group of very individual spirits, choosing to be individual – together.

Our community, in a nutshell, will incorporate: shared gardens, orchards, rain-water harvesting, composting, recycling, shared green spaces, multi-purpose/reconfigurable indoor and outdoor areas, pedestrian paths and trails, renewable energy, shared maker-space/workshop, common meals, tasty potluck parties, and all manner of shared wisdom, from yoga to martial arts, from permaculture to beekeeping.

And partly, to that end, another priority will be to have the common house also act as a not-for-profit, educational center which will strive to instruct others, in the community and outside, on the valuable lessons of living gently and nurturing the planet. We envision classes ranging from permaculture, to tiny house construction, to Sociocracy and anything in between – including things we don’t yet even know we know. Eventually, we hope to extend the invitation to experience ecovillage living to others, in overnight stays in the common house’s guest rooms, to possibly more protracted stays for ecotourists and exploring members. Or to anyone who’s simply eco-curious.

We’re hoping to break some trail on living simply.

We welcome new members, ideas and support. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website: or email

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