TIME Magazine on Intentional Communities

We evolved to thrive as social-able creatures, back when tribal cultures thrived or failed based on collective action. The experience of loneliness is plaguing greater populations than ever today, from millennials out on their own for the first time to high-rise big-city dwellers to empty-nesters and those aging alone or isolated. “Cohousing really builds into our daily lives more of the connections that have withered away,” a recent TIME magazine piece and related video says.
“We as humans build off of each other’s emotions,” says the founder of Commonspace, a 25-unit apartment arrangement catering to millennials looking for more communal lives. The tiny units with only 200 SF of private space swelled in attractiveness paired with 6000 SF of shared space. “It’s contagious, being in a room full of creative, positive people. It changes your emotional level.”
The piece talks about the importance of learning to be truly present and connect with others on a human level – easily facilitated in cohousing. “When you need the community — because a spouse is away or a baby is sick or you’re just plain lonely and would like some companionship — [the community] is there for you.”
Read the full TIME piece and watch the video here.

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