Too Many Priuses in the Parking Lot!

By Katie McCamant | CoHousing Solutions President & Nevada City Cohousing Resident

An only-in-cohousing story for some Friday fun.

My neighbor commutes from our lovely Sierra Foothill community to the San Francisco Bay Area for work during the week. One Sunday last month, after a particularly nice community potluck following a Blessing Way for our neighbors who recently became parents, she packed up for her trip to the Bay. But alas, upon arrival in San Rafael (2.5 hours later) she couldn’t find her computer or briefcase with all of her business stuff (hard drives, checks, etc).

CRISIS! She drives back to Nevada City. Searches everywhere, in the dark, now very late at night. No sign of the missing goods. Cancels credit cards. Barely sleeps.

The next morning, my other neighbor is surprised to find a briefcase and computer in her Prius as she goes to take her boys to school.

Problems of living in cohousing! Too many Priuses (Prii?) in the parking lot, and then if that isn’t enough, too many people leave their car doors unlocked so who knows which car you’re loading up in the dark!

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