Changes at Urban Development Partner

November 7, 2022

Dear Cohousing Partners and Communities,

As many of you are aware, Urban Development + Partners is actively engaged in developing and supporting cohousing communities. This work is important to us, we are proud of our work in this area, and we remain deeply committed to our cohousing practice. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, UD+P is facing a shortfall in the coming year, requiring us to reduce expenses and make some difficult decisions. We ultimately had to cut several positions to ensure the company’s health moving forward. One of the team members impacted by this decision was Joren Bass, whom many of you know through cohousing. We are very grateful for Joren’s contributions to cohousing and UD+P. We are currently working with several communities and look forward to serving other cohousing communities in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleagues, Sarah Zahn, Danny Milman, or Erik Granum if you have any questions.

Avi BenZaken

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