We Want You…to consider serving on the CoHoUS BOD !

Over the last several years I have served on the Cohousing Association of the US Board of Directors and it’s
been an absolute delight! My term will be ending the end of this year.

The board meets monthly by phone and with a well-crafted meeting by our executive
director, Karin Hoskin, we move expediently through business on behalf of the
communities within the National Cohousing Association. It’s been a delight to work with
my fellow co-housers representing regions around the nation. And during conferences
we’ve been able to meet and hear more about one another personally as well as our
shared interests in the continued growth of cohousing.

It’s been a special effort working toward what’s best for the communities, both existing
and emerging. And fun too, to see what’s happening on a national perspective.
Building new relationships and sharing ideas and hopes for this paradigm shift opened a
whole new perspective for me with contacts all over the country and nationally. My first
year on the board, my partner and I traveled to Boston in November and was hosted at
Cornerstone Village cohousing by Phil and Susan Dowd. Phil is the present board
treasurer monitoring the finances. When we visited, Boston was decked out with
beautifully lit and colorful Christmas decorations. Those few days will stand out in my
memory as a special time of developing friendships.

As a board member, you automatically develop contacts with other board members and
develop friendships that can lead to travel and see emerging cohousing communities in
faraway places. South Africa comes to mind. It’s still on my radar to visit one day.
What is most funny are the pictures I carried in my mind with fellow board members
over the phone with voice and tone to find when I met them at a conference they looked
totally different.

This fall a few board members are ending their terms and the board is reviewing
possible candidates to serve. Seeking diversity in age, culture, region we are interested
in finding people who care about cohousing and the bigger picture.

If you think you might consider a position on the board, please complete the application attached and
tell us something about yourself. It’s just a first step and might lead us both into a fun
relationship working on the future of cohousing!

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