WebChat #13 with Yana Ludwig

Yana Ludwig’s second WebChat was another great success. This time she tackled the topic of Cooperative Culture, giving us 6 of her 10 strategies for being effective in cooperative governance. Yana begins with an introduction to the extremes of the cooperative spectrum and the dangers of overcompensating. Then she guides us toward balance in the middle.

Her 6 shared strategies:

1. Accurate hearing of self and others.

If you can’t accurately hear, you can’t accurately care.

2. Curiosity

This is particularly important when we have differences. Energetically speaking, are differences interesting or threatening?

3. Being welcoming and present with intuition and emotions

Showing up as our whole selves and seeking the important thing in the emotions.

4. Learn to give and receive feedback.

We are going to make mistakes. Feedback allows us to move toward a more cooperative lens.

5. Valuing something larger than yourself

This can vary from community to community

6. Discernment

What’s actually important?

What is personal vs what belongs to the group?

What does the group need to hear, from me, at this time?

For more detail on each of these skills and even more great information, you can watch the full WebChat here: https://youtu.be/SyyvLNn1gk4

Yana also shared a great chart which you can access here:


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