Webchat #34 Budget Process

Do you ever wish you could skip all the trial and error and just get to the process that really works? Mac Thomson offers that opportunity in our latest WebChat, as least when it comes to budget process. Mac has led the budget process for Heartwood Cohousing for many years. He shares actual examples of the spreadsheets he uses and even his secret weapon: a spreadsheet handout that guides community members to work through their ideas for how to balance the budget as part of the process.

We’re especially pleased that Mac shares his experience as a member of community. We love hearing from our cohousing professionals, and we are delighted to welcome Mac as our first lay presenter for a WebChat. We hope others will follow his example and share what you have learned on your cohousing journey. You don’t have to be a pro to have ideas worth sharing.

See the full WebChat here. Slides available here.

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