Where in the World?

Looking for a way to stay connected through Covid? Read on for one idea from a forming community, including the invitation template you can use to do this in your community!

Recently, Bay State Commons members gathered together (virtually, of course!) to share memories of important trips. WOW, our people do love to travel! From Israel to Japan, New Zealand to Malawi, Germany to Wales, we covered the world. Through the wonders of Google Earth, we took in bird’s eye views of Patty’s childhood home in Scotland, and Eddy’s grandparents’ place in Hamburg. There were vistas of Mt. Fuji, the South of France and the fjords of Newfoundland. Elephants and hippos and lots of smiling faces welcomed us to Malawi and we learned of the millions of sheep in New Zealand. We’re an active, curious bunch and all enjoyed seeing places we haven’t been (YET!) through the eyes of our future neighbors.

Where in the world has BSC been?
Brought to you by the June social team — aka your friendly Pandemic Travel Agents!
Let’s share with each other the places we’ve been … so we can all travel vicariously, and in the process learn more about each other.
WHEN — Sunday, June XX, 4-6 pm
WHERE — Your favorite armchair (Zoom link to come)
  • Pick one of your most memorable travel destinations, and maybe a photo or two to screen-share, and tell us briefly (!) why the experience was so memorable.
  • Before you tell us where it is, give us one trivia question about that destination; we’ll put our guesses in the chat box.
  • Have your snacks and beverages handy for optional schmoozing during the break.
“Somehow you’ll escape all that waiting and staying … 
Oh, the places you’ll go!”
— Dr. Seuss
Says member Trudy Macdonald, “I personally learned a lot about my fellow cohousers and about countries/places I’ve never been to.  I would love to do it again.  We have all been to more than one place and could use different destinations each time. “

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